“Just wanted to report great success with Sync-N-Link!!! We accomplished in 2-3 hours what was going to take a few weeks manually.”

Tim Nagel, ND Outpost


“What a life saver! We shoot video on RED, and audio on the 788T. We edit in FCP and this saves our intern a ton of headaches.”

John Howard,
City On A Hill Productions


“I look forward to using your product for a variety of applications beyond RED sourced programs and it is great knowing the level of support is extra-ordinary.”

John-Michael Trojan, DIVE.

This app is now obsolete.

It only works with Final Cut Pro 6 or 7.

It does not work with FCP X or Premiere Pro CC.

It is unsupported. Page remains for the purpose of maintaining external links.

Need this for Final Cut Pro X?


Eliminate the time-consuming chore of manually synchronizing dailies (a.k.a. rushes) by batch processing a Bin of unsynchronized clips exported from Final Cut Pro.


Get your dailies ready in minutes instead of hours.


Optionally batch create multiclips at the same time.




Synchronize after editing by working with camera audio through editorial, then swapping in the multi-track audio after picture lock.


Sync-N-Link for FCP will save days ahead of editorial.


It opens new flexibility in editing dual-system sound with Final Cut Pro for only $495.


Read the Documentation


Learn how it works


Watch the 10 minute demo

from Editors' Lounge in Burbank





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