Tentacle Sync have created a workflow that provides Timecode support via audio channels, to cameras that otherwise would not support Timecode.

Sync-N-Link X does not support the Linear Timecode that Tentacle Sync's products create, as we read timecode from the XML or from the media's timecode track.


With the current Tentacle app there is no batch processing (a key Sync-N-Link X feature) and there are other limitations that make Sync-N-Link X an attractive option.


A user has created a workflow that uses Video Toolshed's LTC Convert to convert the LTC to a "proper" timecode track. From there Sync-N-Link X works as expected using that rewritten timecode.


Until Tentacle Sync add batch processing, or we add direct reading of LTC to Sync-N-Link X, this workflow enables Tentacle Sync users to access the power of Sync-N-Link X.

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