Sync-N-Link X

Batch synchronize before editing:


  • Take your Event of jam-synced timecode audio and video clips - from one or more days shoot - and batch synchronize them all in less than 15 minutes
  • Optionally batch rename your clips using a naming preset - see Apple's documentation for details.
  • Export the Event to Final Cut Pro X Event XML and
    import into Sync-N-Link X.
  • Choose whether to have the synchronized clips named after the video or audio clip names or both.
  • Choose whether to have the synchronized clips get metadata from the video or audio clips, or both.
  • Optionally adjust the audio offset.
  • Optionally create multicam clips.
  • Optionally create QuickTime reference movies for compression and review.
  • Optionally name and assign Audio subroles and names to audio components or use Microphone names from the WAV file's iXML.
  • Export new XML from Sync-N-Link X and import into Final Cut Pro X ahead of editorial.



Advantages over synchronizing clips manually:


  • Batch processing of synced clips is much faster.
  • You can have more than one audio clip synchronized to a video clip (for audio recordings that stopped and started again during a take).
  • The synced clips can be named after the audio clip or video clip, or both.
  • The "Synced" keyword is added to the synchronized clips for the duration of the video  (creating a Keyword collection of Synced clips).
  • Log notes, Markers and Keyword Ranges from the video or audio are added to the synced clips, which is not available in Final Cut Pro X.

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