Sync-N-Link X

Editors on Sync-N-Link:


“This product is way under priced. The amount of time and effort that our editorial department saved was substantial. Assistants were freed to work on more creative and demanding tasks. As if the product itself was not already good enough, the fine people at Assisted Editing were kind enough to tweak the program even further to suit our needs responding to our emails immediately! Thank you!”

Benjamin Mercer,
Film Editor


“...Sync-N-Link looks like it will be a life saver.”

Tom Dailey,
Assistant Editor


“We seem to be using it everyday. Quite a great piece of work.”

Zed Saeed, DigitalFilm Tree


“Your software is incredible!”

Darryl Rastorp,
Picture Editor

Sync-N-Link X will get you home earlier by speeding the process from hours to minutes:


Get your dailies ready in minutes instead of hours


With Sync-N-Link X you can batch process one (or more) days of dailies/rushes in less than 15 minutes, instead of taking hours to manually synchronize each clip.


Here’s how pre-edit syncing works


Sync-N-Link X uses video and audio jam-synced to an external free-run Timecode generator. It looks for audio whose Timecode matches a video clip’s Timecode (although the matching video and audio clips don’t have to start at the same time, have the same duration, or even have the same frame rate).


Sync-N-Link X uses content created dates to find video and audio that were recorded on the same day for syncing.


Choose whether the synchronized clips are named after the video or audio clips (or both) - the original video and audio clip names are available inside the synchronized clips.


Synchronized clips can contain more than one audio clip (for cases where audio recording was stop/started during a take).


Sync-N-Link X adds a "Synced" keyword for the video range (essentially trimming the clip to the video duration). Any unused video and audio clips are marked with a "Not Synced" keyword.


Sync-N-Link X assigns audio Subroles to second-system audio tracks and camera audio, giving the user dynamic control over audio playback during editorial.



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