Sync-N-Link will save you money because:


You can delay syncing audio until after editorial, saving time and money, and getting to editorial faster.


Even when you sync dailies before editorial, it’s done in minutes instead of hours and can easily be done by an Assistant or intern.



Get your dailies ready in minutes instead of hours


Have an assistant or intern use Sync-N-Link to batch synchronize dailies in one pass, instead of the time consuming process of synchronizing and merging one clip at a time.


Here’s how pre-edit syncing works


Here’s how pre-edit syncing and multiclipping works



Edit with camera audio
and substitute multi-track audio after picture lock


With Sync-N-Link the entire project can be edited with camera audio. When at (or near) picture lock Sync-N-Link will substitute the camera audio with the multi-track audio. This is a unique Sync-N-Link feature that eliminates the entire pre-edit synchronizing of dailies/rushes completely.


Here’s how post-edit syncing works




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