7toX for Final Cut Pro

Translate XML from:

Premiere Pro CC

Media 100

Sony Vegas

Final Cut Pro 7

into XML for import to Final Cut Pro X.


7toX for Final Cut Pro (also known as SendtoX) translates XML from Premier Pro CC into XML for import to Final Cut Pro X so you can use Apple’s powerful new professional editing tools to update or finish projects.


This lightweight application is simple to use, with drag-and-drop support and progress information. 7toX translates important metadata from your Project XML — including bins, clips, subclips and sequences — to a new Event in Final Cut Pro X with the highest fidelity of any translation application for Final Cut Pro.


In addition, the application provides clear, detailed reporting after every translation. 7toX will also (optionally) make a Batch Capture list of media missing during the translation.



Final Cut Pro version 10.1 or later

Premiere Pro CC to export XML

OS X 10.7 Lion or later.


Also known as SendToX
in the Mac App Store


Read the Documentation

(including what translates
and what doesn't)


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it work with XML from Final Cut Pro 6 or 5? Yes, but...
User testing shows that it does work with XML from FCP 6 and 5. We have a concern with speed changes as that changed with version 7.

Does it work with Final Cut Express? No...
Unfortunately Final Cut Express does not export XML, which is what we translate. It is possible, if you have an accommodating friend, to import your project (with media) to Final Cut Pro and then export Final Cut Pro 7 (or 6) XML that we can translate to the new Final Cut Pro X XML format.

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