Reading is Fundamental!

I love simple tools that make my life easier. Reading is Fundamental! will make my life easier.

Scott Simmons (Editor)


Reading is Fundamental! adds a versatile document viewer to the Final Cut Pro user interface. Its floating window means I can position it wherever I want - so that both the document I need to see and the Final Cut tools I need to work with are visible at the same time.  I especially like using my trackpad to scroll the Reading is Fundamental window, moving over and scrolling the Final Cut timeline and immediately returning to the Reading is Fundamental! window to scroll again - without tapping to select anything. Editors know that staying in ‘the flow’ is vital. ‘Reading is Fundamental’ helps Final Cut users cruise through creative flows or glide through repetitive processes.

Alex Gollner (Alex4D)

Reading is Fundamental! is a versatile, multi-format document reader in a Workflow Extension so you can read the document without leaving FCP.

Reading is Fundamental! reads and displays:

  • PDF,
  • Word (.doc, .docx),
  • Pages,
  • Excel (.xls and xlsx),
  • Numbers,
  • Keynote,
  • PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx),
  • Comma Separated Variables (CSV),
  • Rich Test Format (.rtf and .rtfd), and
  • Plain Text.

Note: Reading is Fundamental! shows a preview of the documents only. It is not possible to copy from the documents.



Most document types allow you to zoom in and out by using your trackpad’s “pinch with two fingers” — if you’ve enabled this in System Preferences > Trackpad. (Not supported by Rich Text Format or Plain text files.)


The workflow extension window floats above Final Cut Pro so you can view your document and project timeline at the same time.

The workflow extension window can be repositioned, resized, and saved as part of a Final Cut Pro workspace layout.



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