Producer's Best Friend

Producer’s Best Friend will save you money because your clip reports are completed in seconds instead of hours or days.


You have full control over the report:

  • Generate as many reports as you need
  • Create a music usage report;
  • Create a report of every clip used in a Compound Clip or Project, or every clip in an Event;
  • Report stock footage used, to order the full resolution for online;
  • List out all Effects and Transitions used to smooth online finishing (the Apple column shows whether it’s a standard effect or transition compared to one created by a third-party);
  • List all the Keywords and the ranges where they are applied on Clips;
  • Report all the notes in your Markers.
  • Generate one report for the whole timeline,
    or report role-by-role.


Forget Copy/Paste - generate a real report in seconds.


A preference setting lets you choose whether times are reported as

  • seconds (for easier spreadsheet calculations),
  • frames,
  • feet+frames, or
  • HH:MM:SS:FF timecode format.


What reports does it create?


Reports can be further processed in Excel for formatting and additional detail, if required.

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