FindrCat (Pro)

Use macOS Finder to find media

using Finder tags created

from Final Cut Pro X Keywords

Robin Kurz made a video on using Finder Tags with FCP X and FindrCat.


Final Cut Pro X Finder Tags and Media Management with FindrCat Pro



Important Note: macOS Finder does not search inside Final Cut Pro X Library bundles. Finder will only show tags for media outside Libraries.



















Searching for Tags


The simplest way to search for a Tag is to open a Finder window and click on 'All Tags'.




More powerful searches can be created by pressing Command + F in a Finder window and creating compound (boolean) searches.



You can save the results as a Smart Folder by clicking on the 'Save' button. The results will always be live.


Note: The Tags option in the search pop-up menu is not there by default. Select 'Other...' and search for Tag and click the checkbox to keep it in the pop-up menu.



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