FindrCat (Pro)

An in-app upgrade provides return support for
all keyword ranges, notes, markers,

favorite and reject ranges, and more,

back to Final Cut Pro X.

FindrCat turns macOS Finder into a powerful media asset management system, but as Final Cut Pro X applies Finder Tags as keywords across the entire media file, keyword ranges, and other Final Cut Pro X metadata is lost.


The answer is FindrCat Pro.


With FindrCat Pro filter, search or otherwise locate the files. Then drag those files back to FindrCat Pro , which will process the files and create a new Final Cut Pro X Event, with those clips, and send it to Final Cut Pro X.


FindrCat Pro restores

  • Video and Audio Roles;
  • Notes (Clips and Keywords);
  • Markers and Chapter Markers;
  • Keyword ranges and Favorite/Reject ranges;
  • “Excessive Shake” and “find people” analysis keywords;
  • Video Inspector adjustments: Compositing, Transform, Crop, Distort, Stabilization, Rolling Shutter, Spatial Conform;
  • Audio Inspector adjustments: Volume, Equalization, Loudness, Noise Removal, Hum Removal, Pan; and
  • Metadata exported in the chosen Metadata View.


All metadata for FindrCat Pro is permanently embedded in the media file when Finder Tags are added. Your metadata is protected, whether you upgrade to Pro or not. It will be there ready for you when you "go Pro" any time in the future. (For files processed with FindrCat 1.1 or later - released Feb 2017.)


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