Batch synchronize before editing


Take your Event of jam-synced timecode audio and video clips - from one or more days shoot - and batch synchronize them all in less than 15 minutes.


  1. Organize the audio and video clips for your dailies/rushes into bins that represent each scene or day.
  2. Send the bin(s) to Sync-N-Link.
  3. Choose options to keep camera audio, trim the merged clips, and use log notes from video or audio clips.
  4. Export new bins from Sync-N-Link and continue to editorial.



Advantages over synchronizing clips manually:


  • Batch processing of synced clips is much faster
  • You can sync video and audio using a combination of Source TC, Aux TC 1, Aux TC 2 or Sound TC timecodes
  • The synced clips can be named after the audio clip or video clip
  • You can adjust the audio frame offset if needed
  • You can remove the camera audio from synced clips
  • Synced clips can be trimmed in the batch
  • Log notes from the video or audio can be added
    to the synced clips
  • Multiclips can be made from the synced clips during the batch.



Note: It is recommended that merged clips be exported to self contained media if the edit is going to happen on a different system to the pre-edit sync. Final Cut Pro, unfortunately loses reference to the original sound reel name.


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